Plug and play EV charge management, SmartCharge Rewards™

Mitigate the risk of peak load, differ infrastructure upgrades while rewarding customers.

FleetCarma’s SmartCharge RewardsTM is a plug-and-play incentive program for utilities to help shift EV charging to off-peak hours and create manageable load growth – without the hassle & cost of installing a submeter. It’s designed to help EV owners reduce the cost of charging and enhance electric grid efficiency and resiliency – making service more reliable for everyone.

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Plugging in C2

A Simple Installation For Your Customers

The only hardware required for the SmartCharge RewardsTM program is our C2 device, which is simply plugged into an electric vehicle’s OBD-II port (found under the dash). This is typically a 10-second install that can be done by the EV owner. Once plugged in, the C2 will also auto-configure and seamlessly connect to the local cellular network.

This means that there are no electricians to hire, and no cost or invasiveness associated with having to implement a second meter.

This all makes for a much more scalable EV load management program that can quickly & easily be rolled out across thousands of vehicles.

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Having the ‘Smarts in the Vehicle’ Means More Comprehensive EV Data

While a submeter is effective at disaggregating EV load from the rest of the household, it does not provide the ability to monitor or incentivize charging behavior that occurs outside of the home.

With our connected car device, you’re able to generate (anonymized) comprehensive data that includes all of home, workplace, and public charging.

All charge event logs can be provided in event summaries and 15-minute interval data, and can help you understand where exactly EV load is coming from.

Furthermore, it’s able to provide useful insight on driving patterns, helping to inform public charging infrastructure strategy and educate EV owners.

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Higher Enrollment and Engagement Rates than an EV Time-of-Use Program

Historically, utilities have faced the challenge of low enrollment rates when implementing EV TOU programs. When EV owners are requested to pay an additional delivery charge, or install a second meter at their own expense, it can feel as though there is little incentive to join the program.

Our SmartCharge RewardsTM program completely eliminates this barrier. Not only because it removes the need for a submeter, but because we’ve also implemented additional features to encourage engagement.

All participants receive access to our app & portal, unlocking advanced EV stats from their vehicle. They’re also invited to join our SmartCharge Champions community, where they can share stats and experiences with other like-minded EV owners.

SmartCharge Rewards Portal

Flexibility with the Rewards Platform

By offering participants SmartCharge RewardsTM, you gain added flexibility to send and adjust financial incentives throughout the program – serving as an alternative form of pricing signals.

For example, this could be providing a per-kilowatt-hour incentive during off-peak time periods, or providing bonus rewards for avoiding critical peak pricing periods throughout the year.

Utilities benefit from built-in flexibility to adjust the financial rewards structure without the lengthy process to seek regulator approval that would be required with tariff adjustments.

Ready for an effective EV load management solution?

A turn-key EV charging incentive program.

Simple Device Installation

Our C2 connected car device is simply plugged into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, and can be easily installed by the EV owner.

Comprehensive EV Data

You’ll get access to anonymized EV data that includes home, work, and public charging, along with insight on driving patterns.

Participant Engagement

All participants receive access to our app & portal, unlocking advanced EV stats from their vehicle. They’re also invited to join our SmartCharge Champions community.

Flexibility With Rewards

You’re able to customize rewards to incentivize more EV charging during desirable time periods.

Registration Website

We’ll create a microsite to help manage the participant registration and enrollment process.

SmartCharge RewardsTM Portal

EV owners can better understand their driving/charging patterns and redeem rewards through the user dashboard.

Marketing Support

We’ll help with recruitment, including implementing a referral program, social media promotion, joint press releases, and email campaigns.

Project Management

A dedicated project manager will ensure that program milestones are being achieved within project timelines. We also include data analysis and reporting services.

Call Center Training & Support

We’ll provide call center training and program documentation to collaboratively support customer questions. Participants will also have the option to contact us directly.

Extensive EV Compatibility

We’re the leading telematics provider for electric vehicles, and currently support over 50 different models.

Find out how to manage the load of electric vehicle charging.

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